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ATHOME Furniture’s philosophy is to satisfy its customers’ need under any circumstance. The company guaranties to supply the customers with products that are produced with safety and quality standards. ATHOME Furniture promises to do quick delivery and to offer quality service after sales. All of our products have production warranty.

One of important principles of ATHOME Furniture is to work with raw material suppliers who are reliable and maintain high quality standards. The company does its production with environmentally conscious policies. We are aware that for a more livable world and continued customer satisfaction environmentally conscious policies are unavoidable and ATHOME Furniture is committed to work with partners to protect and preserve the environment.

ATHOME Furniture knows how important the place of research and development is in sustainable growth of a business. Therefore, the company has a research and development department that is constantly in pursuit of developing new styles and models all around the year. Since ATHOME Furniture exports its furniture to various countries on different continents, it is the company’s policy to produce new models that are innovative, durable and stylish.

Since we export all of our production it is important that products reach their far-distance destinations without any damage. To be able to deliver furniture without any damage a good packaging system is needed and ATHOME Furniture is committed to do modern packaging.

We provide our employees with training sessions in order to improve our quality in constantly changing and developing world of production. Managers at the company watch new developments in furniture productions and trends closely and they share their knowledge and experience with their employees.

While making corporate decisions to reach its goals, managers at ATHOME Furniture know that it is substantially important to create a bond of loyalty between the company and its employees, suppliers and customers.